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Hugo Kostrzewa's Sharawaggi nominated for the Laureates of the Fondation de France 2017

The project at the Lycée Pasteur in Lille, commissioned by students, is competing for the Lauriers du Public, which allow everyone to choose online the most remarkable project.

Each year, the Fondation de France selects the most innovative and exemplary initiatives among the thousands of projects they have supported.

In 2016, the support of the Fondation de France allowed the inauguration of an original and ambitious work within the framework of the New patrons: an acoustic artwork for the Lycée Pasteur. The pupils from the Council of Delegates for High School Life and pupils from the visual arts section, judging their schoolbell boring and monotonous, commissioned a sound work. They wanted a "sound puzzle" alarm, eliciting surprise, enthusiasm, poetry and calm. The artist proposed by the association Artconnexion, Hugo Kostrzewa, created sharawaggi, a lush sound environment, deploying more or less familiar combinations over the days in the corridors of the establishment : raw sensory evocations, scraps of exotic melodic ranges, reminiscences of sounds coming from our current information and communication tools... 

Today, Sharawaggi is competing for the Lauréats du Public of the Fondation de France and we invite you to give your vote to this artistic commission : leslauriersdupublic.fondationdefrance.org/projet/lycee-louis-pasteur/302


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