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Hugo Kostrzewa

Patrons - Students from the Lycée Pasteur secondary school, Lille (students appointed "délégués pour la vie lycéenne" and students in "Première L2" (year 12 with concentration in litterature) with a focus in visual art)
Mediator - Bruno Dupont, artconnexion
Supporters - Fondation de France, Lycée Pasteur de Lille, Foyer Socio-Éducatif du Lycée Pasteur, des associations de parents d'élèves du Lycée Pasteur (FPEEP et FCPE) et de l'Amicale des personnels du Lycée
Lycée Pasteur, 1 rue des urbanistes, Lille, France, 2016

The context

The students who were elected to the Council of Delegates for High School Life and the students of Première L2, in plastic arts option, at the Lycée Pasteur, judging the ringing of the school boring and monotonous, commissioned from an artist a work that could be a "sound puzzle" signal that arouses surprise, enthusiasm, poetry and appeasement at the same time. With this request, they are demonstrating their ambition to participate in the life of the school in a positive way, taking responsibility  for a project that sets the rhythm of everyone's daily life.

The commission

Hugo Kostrzewa explores sound in relation to taste, affect and intellect. It calls on our memories, our imagination, as well as our ability to let ourselves be carried away in a narrative tinged with collective history, popular references and folklore. In his installations and performances, sound and taste are worked on as familiar and intriguing landmarks for a strange entertainment. He creates immersive experiences where the viewer receives the work in the singularity and complexity of his sensory perception.

The proposed artist, Hugo Kostrzewa, has created sharawaggi, a lush sound environment, unfolding over the days in the corridors of the establishment combinations of more or less familiar sounds : raw sensory evocations, fragments of exotic melodic scales, reminiscences of sounds from our current information and communication tools... The result of a reflection on the impact of the sound environment on mankind, the work questions everyone's imagination and offers the possibility of a new experience every day.

Hugo Kostrzewa

Graduated from the École Supérieure d'Art Nord-Pas de Calais, Tourcoing site, in 2009 with the jury's congratulations, Hugo Kostrzewa has completed several residencies abroad, in Japan, Poland and Germany. His performances have been shown at the Cabaret des curiosities in Dunkirk, at the Northern Sounds European Festival in Lens, at Culture Commune in Loos-en-Gohelle, at the Tri Postal in Lille. He has exhibited at artconnexion in Lille and at the Espace des arts sans frontière in Paris. He is an active member of the artist collectives Mabruzza and LifeDesign.