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La Traversée ; L'Isère et Le Travail
Susanne Bürner

Patrons - Mrs Faure, Mayor of Saint-Gervais, members of the association SPIA (Preservation of the industrial heritage of the past) and Vercors Regional Natural Park.
Mediator - Valérie Cudel
Supporters - Lorraine Regional Natural Park as part of the European program LEADER (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development), Fondation de France
Saint Quentin sur Isère, Saint Gervais, Vercors, Isère, France, 2014

In the framework of the "Parcs naturels régionaux de Lorraine, des Monts d'Ardèche, du Pilat et du Vercors" project. Eight works commissioned, by four artists, on eight emblematic sites in the four nature reserves. The Commission

Susanne Bürner

Susanne Bürner was born in Germany in 1970. She studied at the Karlsruhe Academy of Fine Arts and at the University of California in Los Angeles. She currently lives and works in Berlin. Her work is represented in various public collections in Europe. "Drawing mainly on photography and video, Susanne Bürner composes strange scenarios, within which reality and fiction are constantly intertwined. Through a skilful play of light and shadows, and sophisticated mises en scène or invisible manipulations, she recreates enigmatic fictions that run through the collective memory and enable subconscious reminiscences to resurface." (Pierre-Olivier Rollin, Selest'Art 2011, 19th biennale of contemporary art, Sélestat).