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Anna Scalfi Eghenter

Patrons - Elisa Maria Cerra, Liliana Fenu, Eva Fuchs, Elena Gerla, Carlotta Guerra, Monica Guidi, Donatella Lombardo, Alessia Masi, Angela Pelliccioni, Giulia Pezzoli, Francesca Rebecchi, Anna Rossi, Sabrina Samorì, Elisa Schiavina, Barbara Secci, Giorgia Benedetta Soncin, Nicoletta Tomba, Giusi Vecchi, Uliana Zanetti
Mediator - Lisa Parola - Luisa Perlo
Supporters - A project produced by the Istituzione Bologna Musei – MAMbo Bologna Modern Art Museum in the framework of the exhibition Autoritratti. Iscrizioni del femminile nell’arte italiana contemporanea [Self-portraits. Inscriptions of the female in Italian contemporary art].
Foyer of MAMBo, Bologna Modern Art Museum.

Agonale is a dialogued conference held in the form of a game, where disciplines come into play, the tool is dialectical, and the purpose lies in sharing languages. Two teams, representing different opinions, knowledge and skills, engage on a single theme from opposing positions, advancing in a field similar to those used for ballgames. The teams can move forward once they reach an agreement, in conceptual and terminological terms. In Agonale players can only win together: victory is achieved by the two teams when the two semicircular tables which host the players meet in the middle of the field. The installation, created in 2013 in the foyer of the MAMbo museum in Bologna, developed from a reflection shared by a.titolo, Anna Scalfi Eghenter and a number of women belonging to the museum staff, regarding the effectiveness of the traditional tools typical of the forms of dialoguing with visitors in museums.