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Mario Airò

Patrons - Sumisura aps and Sumisura – Resources for the Environment and the City, Art4, Officina Koiné, Helptofix, Alessandro Rivoir, Jazz School Torino, Radio Banda Larga, Atelier Teatro Fisico, Atelier Héritage.
Mediator - Francesca Comisso - Lisa Parola
Supporters - A project developed with Associazione Sumisura, supported by Fondation de France, The Piedmont Region, the City of Turin, Compagnia di San Paolo.
Laboratori di Barriera, Barriera di Milano district, Turin

Conceived of by Mario Airò for the Laboratori di Barriera in via Baltea 3, Turin, Guizzo-Baleno is a luminous sculpture commissioned by the associations and cooperatives that work there, which functions as an introduction and an attribute of the city’s new social and cultural space, established in 2014 in the Barriera di Milano district, which hosts the encounter between social, creative, productive and cultural vocations, based on exchange, collaboration and interaction. Guizzo-Baleno greets people as they arrive in via Baltea 3: an aerial sign which changes direction suddenly and, like a wave, winds back on itself. Created in bronze and treated with five different galvanic baths – from black chrome to copper, gold to silver to nickel – the sculpture evokes the energetic force of an electric arc and the magic of a rainbow, through the alchemy of the material and its capacity to transform elements and ideas.