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Villa Figulinas

Patrons - The young people of Florinas
Mediator - Luisa Perlo - Giangavino Pazzola
Supporters - Fondation de France ; Town of Florinas
Public Park, Florinas, Sassari

Conceived by the Orizzontale architecture collective, the project Villa Figulinas was born from the ideas of a group of young people aged from 16 to 23 years in the small Sardinian town of Florinas, in order to transform an underused area of the local public park into a space in which to carry out social, cultural, and recreational activities in a context devoid of facilities for the younger generations. During a series of meetings held between 2015 and 2016, the young patrons imagined new purposes for this area. The shared process of planning and building breathed life into a place in which to try out new, and spontaneous uses of public space. This process gave also rise to the title of the project, inspired by the ancient Roman toponym of the village, and the flag marking the new outpost, designed by the patrons themselves. In June 2016, a one week DIY collective workshop lead by Orizzontale transformed the former bowling field in a new square and a kiosk with no purpose in a multi-functional facility for summer activities. As the project ended, the group founded an association that the Town of Florinas has tasked with managing the site.