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Lee Bul

Patrons - Conseil municipal de Liernais (mayor: Geneviève Brochot)
Mediator - Xavier Douroux, le Consortium
Martin Drosse square, Liernais, Bourgogne, France, 2006 (interrupted)

The context

The municipality of Liernais wanted to commission a railing for the stairs of the village square in connection with the "memory" of the last world war : the name of the square being that of Martin Drosse, a young man killed in 1944 by the German occupiers.

The commission

The artist chose an artist from Korea (invaded by Japan during the Second World War and the theatre of war between North and South between 1950 and 1953) to make the reference to the misfortunes of the War and the horrors of the Occupation more generic.

In line with this expansion, Lee Bul's proposal has been extended to a redesign of the entire access staircase and beyond. The aesthetics of all the geometric shapes with their multiple cut sides is to be related both to the painting of Paolo Uccelo's "Saint George overthrowing the dragon" and to the settings of warlike films of anticipation or violent video games.

Lee Bul

Lee Bul (born in 1964) is internationally renowned for her installations and sculptures, which are often extravagant. She often uses materials or analogies in relation to a fantastic universe between "heroic fantasy" and hyper-decorative feeling. She represented South Korea in 1999 at the Venice Biennale and has had numerous personal exhibitions in Asian, American and European institutions.