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Seven pursuits for a stretch of water
Michel Verjux

Patrons - The Port of Brussels represented by Madame Origer
Mediator - Joost Declercq
Supporters - King Baudouin Foundation
Brussels, Belgium, 2003

The commission

Upgrading the identity of the port of Brussels in order to promote its connection with the public seemed necessary, especially as the site, with its 14 km of waterways and its town-planning complexity, is not easy to assimilate. With the objective of making the scheme more meaningful, it was therefore decided to mark out only 800 metres of waterway located in a strategic position right in the heart of Brussels. That is the actual length of the Bassin Béco, framed by two bridges, the Pont des Armateurs and the Pont Sainctelette. The idea of calling on an artist gradually took root in as far as the intervention had to be concentrated, while at the same time giving a symbolic dimension to the whole Port of Brussels.

The artwork

Seven circular light projections on the inner walls of the canal are placed at strategic points between two bridges, punctuating this stretch of water in a meaningful way while giving of a feeling of extension on either side of the two bridges over the port as a whole, thanks to rhythmic positioning. In resonance with the urban context, the light installation can be adapted to be visible by day or by night.

Michel Verjux

The mediator suggested Michel Verjux. Since the early 1980s light has been Verjux's preferred medium for his creative work. This involves an abstract approach which is economical in its use of resources. Light projected on to walls shows the act of exhibiting, and itself becomes a work of art. The system using directional projectors is flexible yet precise. The artist has explored its effectiveness through a great many interventions, at exhibitions in museums as well as in galleries, but also out of doors in a variety of public places.