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Kim Sooja

Patrons - Association du Petit-Saint Bernard
Mediator - Francesca Comisso ; Xavier Douroux
Supporters - Fondation de France ; Brait Acoustic S.N.C., Parma.
Ancien Hospice du Petit Saint-Bernard, 2003 - présent

The context

After ten years of work to make the renovation of the Hospice du Petit-Saint Bernard possible, the Association du Petit-Saint Bernard, which promoted the process in the framework of a European Community Interreg Programme, asked the Fondation the France.

The commission

Dome is a semispherical environment with a mirroring floor in which the body of the visitor apparently flows in a light sphere. It’s a “spiritual space” designed by Korean artist Kim Sooja for the inside of the building of the Hospice du Petit-Saint Bernard, founded in the 11th century by Saint Bernard, at 2000m above sea level across the border between Italy and France. Dome has been conceived to be placed in correspondence of an ancient chapel, and it is characterized by a light source placed along the perimeter which provides the chromatic change of the environment according to a 30 minutes programme. A shimmering light projection has been planned to enlighten the landscape outside the building as well. The project is currently suspended.