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Laurent Pernot

Patrons - Laurent Donadille, directeur de la communauté hospitalière de territoire Saint-Malo ­– Dinan – Cancale; Jean Schmid ; Nathalie Guinard, médecin coordinateurlexia Bizeul, infirmière coordinatrice, chargée des prélèvements; Catherine Prémel-Cabic, alors directrice adjointe, chargée du projet; Dominique Moreau, président de FRANCE ADOT 35 ; et avec le concours de Armelle Boulvard, coordinatrice pour l’Agence de biomédecine de Rennes
Mediator - Eric Foucault
Supporters - Fondation de France, Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso, ville de Saint-Malo, centre hospitalier de Saint-Malo ; comme donateurs: AMIGO (Associations Militant pour le don et la Greffe d’Organes en Bretagne), GMF, mutuelle MCD, groupe Beaumanoir, institut Georges Lopez ; et avec le concours de l’Agence de la biomédecine et de FRANCE ADOT 35
Saint-Malo, France

The context

The patrons want a work that evokes organ donation and honours donors and their families. The work will make it possible to associate organ donation with the gift of life, a form of human solidarity. More generally, it must reflect the values of self-giving and altruism. It must be a sign of hope ; it must attract the eye, arouse interest and questioning among the public. However, considering that the activity of organ removal is in the minority compared to all the hospital's actions, the work must avoid being spectacular and monumental ; it will find a subtle contrast between visibility and modesty.

The commission

Located in the entrance hall, the sculpture welcomes all patients, visitors and staff. Re-vivre is part of this place with discretion and subtlety. This bas-relief shows characters of different ages who appear on the wall as an outgrowth, a graft. Each character is supported on top of the other until it becomes intertwined, reminding us that it is possible to remove several organs from a donor and thus save several lives.

The composition imagined by Laurent Pernot represents "a set of interconnected silhouettes in a situation of fragile balance, solidarity and community, where the lives of some would be suspended from those of others. »

It was important for the sponsors that this work be a tribute to life and that it invite a calm exchange on the subject. The universal values of optimism and solidarity that Re-vivre addresses make it a much richer work than a simple thank you to donors.

Laurent Pernot

Born in 1980, lives and works in Paris.
Laurent Pernot develops a work of great existential depth, striving to create a universe that makes the flow of time perceptible, questions the nature of images, and calls for a broad conception of the transmission of life, identity, memory and disappearance. Through the use of installation, photography, video and digital images, interactivity and sound composition, the artist is interested in the transition from one medium to another.