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Bibliothèque de SciencesPo
Armin Linke

Patrons - La bibliothèque représentée par Catherine Valais (directrice adjointe de la bibliothèque), Eva Arfwedson (responsable communication externe de la bibliothèque), Morgane Leral (assistante de département à la bibliothèque). Les étudiants du projet collectif : Affeif Chlaika (Master Affaires publiques), Aitziber Martorell (Master Affaires européennes), Brice Zanette (Master Affaires européennes)
Mediator - Anastassia Makridou-Bretonneau
Supporters - Recherche de partenariat en cours
Bibliothèque Sciences Po, 27 rue Saint-Guillaume, Paris, En cours

The context

In 2010, the library engaged in a major reorganization and at the same time opened six new comfortable and bright reading rooms designed by Sahuc & Katchoura at 27, rue Saint Guillaume. It is the opening of these new spaces that is at the origin of this commission. The library wishes to participate in the opening of Sciences Po to the arts, the reading rooms seemed to be an ideal space to initiate this process. The work must be an integral part of the library and school and reflect their identity. It must have meaning in and for the library, which is a place of study, culture and access to knowledge ; its relevance is essential. The involvement of the students who are the main readers of the library is essential for this artistic commission. In addition, the library is a place at the heart of SciencesPo's intellectual activity, where 1500 people come every day. The diversity of the public - students, teachers, researchers and professionals - in France and abroad from all over the world means that the uses of the library are evolving and very diverse.

Armin Linke

Born in Milan in 1966, Armin Linke lives and works in Berlin. Photographer and filmmaker Armin Linke combines different media to blur the boundaries between fiction and reality, developing multimedia installations from a vast archive on human activity and landscapes, both natural and artificial. With a particular interest in the relationship between the individual and his environment, the artist captures simultaneous realities undergoing radical transformation. He concentrates mainly on scenes whose grandiose character blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction. His photographs explore landscapes, our transformed perception of space and the ways in which we interact with these new reconstructed territories. Like photographs, films raise questions about the existence of the boundaries between reality and artificiality in the contemporary landscape.