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Eternal Network celebrates its 20th anniversary ... With you!

Saturday, November 23, 2019, from 2 pm, Place Choiseul (Tours)

Since 1999, Eternal Network has been linking citizens, artists and contemporary art in Tours and the Grand-Ouest in France. About sixty exhibitions and 35 artworks created on the initiative of patrons living or working in villages, districts, public institutions...  and every time, beautiful encounters. This is something to celebrate!

Eternal Network invites the public to celebrate its 20th anniversary with artists who are always ready to surprise us:

Olivier Dohin Lebugle, Lying In The Sun, culinary installation

Mathieu GillotUne Histoire chuchotée de l'art, performed reading

Guillaume ConstantinLa Reconnaissance des motifspresentation and signature of his monograph

Jiwei LiChampignons avec circuit imprimé / produire et reproduireinstallation, drawing

Nicolas MilhéLa Garde, exhibition 

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Eternal Gallery
Les Octrois, place Choiseul, 37100 Tours