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Inauguration de l'œuvre Tenir de Françoise Pétrovitch

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 11:30 am
Parc du Musée du Louvre-Lens

A group of patrons composed of members of various associations in Liévin (Hauts-de-France) wanted to commission an artwork that pays tribute to the most disadvantaged, and embodies the fight against poverty. In response to the commission, Françoise Pétrovitch proposed to create a monumental bronze sculpture of allegorical significance. It depicts a young woman half-body, holding a small figure against her, knocked over. Her attitude and inward looking eyes evoke determination, solidarity and resistance.

Inauguration on Tuesday 16 October 2018 at 11:30 am
Parc du Musée du Louvre-Lens
99 Rue Paul Bert, 62300 Lens, France

The installation of the artwork in the park is accompanied by a monographic exhibition of recent works by Françoise Pétrovitch at the Louvre-Lens Museum. Among the more than thirty works on display, there is a selection of drawings, including several reinterpretations of works from the Galerie du temps, which were specially created for the exhibition.

Exhibition from 17 to 29 October 2018 - Glass pavilion

The Arc en Ciel Centre gallery opens Françoise's studio and allows the public to discover the artist's universe, by presenting works, editions, films and books, and to participate in various artistic practice activities: silkscreening, engraving, drawing... supervised by the mediator and invited artists.

Exhibition from September 28 to October 27, 2018 - More information