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Inauguration of "Chemin de la Cité" by Hamish Fulton /

Saturday 13th July 2013 at 11:30 a.m. Meeting in front of the Les 4B shopping centre, boulevard Jacquard, Calais, France

Hamish Fulton has proposed several short walks in the centre of Calais, including one of 900 paces betweent the boulevard Jacquard and the Cité internationale de la Dentelle, materialised by a series of graphic elements in bronze on the ground. He links these walks to other walks in France, from the Mediterranean sea to Boulogne, or the link between Boulogne and Calais. he shows the 
inaliénable power of walking, to link and connect different elements however far they are geographical and symbolically. Every one of us, inhabitants or passers-by will be invited to take up a walk and have a new look at the city.