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Exhibition opening and presentation of the book “Manual de Uso” by Andrea Acosta

On Thursday, the 4 September 2014 at 7pm in Sala Rekalde, Alameda de Recalde, 30, Bilbao.

Commissioned by a group of locals interested in postindustrial spaces, artist Andrea Acosta has produced a work about two neighbourhoods of Bilbao called Ribera de Deusto and Zorrozaurre that occupy a long, thin 2,5 km peninsula.

Her work provides us with keys to interpretation, encouraging exploration and the search for other hidden treasures, for diverse urban occupation and alternative usage.

It reveals to us the presence of a forgotten, neglected memory, as well as some spaces with history and great possibilities for future intertwining in their architectural, historical, social and plant languages.

But above all, Manual de Uso provides us with the opportunity to reflect on how we contemplate and experience the city; it suggests to us a new way of building by gazing at these places, re-educating the manner we observe to cleanse it of what we have learned and be able to read the formal and historical languages that the city presents us in all its spaces."