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Artwork Charpentification by the Chapuisat brothers in Nyon, Switzerland, wins Visarte prize

Installed in Nyon in 2021, Charpentification was commissioned by Nouveaux commanditaires from the artists Gregory Chapuisat and Cyril Chapuisat. The Visarte Prize is a Swiss award for outstanding projects in the field of art and building in the public space. On 8 March 2023, four projects were awarded, out of the 138 competing for the prize.

Charpentification is a new approach based on the processes of two collectives: the Chapuisat brothers, Grégory and Cyril Chapuisat, and the New patrons, an initiative that is taking root in Switzerland and aims to support citizens in taking responsibility for a work of art. The result is a visual labyrinth made of solid oak beams that becomes a place of meeting, relaxation and play for users of all generations in the Parc du Buis, in Nyon, canton of Vaud.

The Visarte Prize emerged in the context of a surge in construction in Switzerland, through which many revolutionary works of art have been created in recent years. The prize is intended to strengthen the national perception and evaluation of these projects. The Visarte Prize also serves to develop a quality label for outstanding works of art, which is awarded every two years.

Article on nyon.ch (French)

In the heart of the Parc du Buis, artwork Charpentification by the Chapuisat brothers appears in a proliferation of solid oak beams from our forests, with an unusual cross-section (0.4 x 0.4 x 2 m) and comparable to the frameworks of great medieval buildings. This monumental assembly, whose dimensions are around 12 x 18 x 2.8 m, is both environmentally friendly and playful.

ATS-Keystone news release : « Quatre lauréats pour le prix Visarte 2023, dont des Romands » on swissinfo.ch (French)

 To visit Charpentification :

Parc du Buis, 1260 Nyon, Suisse