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Caravana Obscura
Christine Felten, Véronique Massinger

Patrons - The Voie et Dialogue Association / Syndicat mixte du canal de Roubaix
Mediator - Pascale Pronnier
Supporters - The Voie et Dialogue Association / Syndicat mixte du canal de Roubaix
Roubaix, 1998

The Voie et Dialogue Association and the Syndicat mixte du canal wished to transform the actual image of the site. They wanted to restore the diversity of the landscapes around the canal, participate in letting people know about its rehabilitation, and put the emphasis on the "Kulhman" factorysite in order to raise local people's awareness of the danger of pollution of the canal and make the most of the light in photography.

The artists used the "camera obscura" technique with a caravan, piercing a small hole in one of its sides into which light came, projecting the reverse image of the landscape directly on to coloured photographic paper.

Christine Felten & Véronique Massinger

The artists Felten and Massinger were approached to carry out this commission. Their photographs look like epiphanies: the Pont Nickès, the Quai de Sartel, the Carrefours de l'Union as we would never have been able to see them. They have succeeded in identifying the amazing creative potential afforded by the canal and its surroundings.