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Elisabeth Ballet

Patrons - Membres du conseil municipal de la commune de Chandolas
Mediator - Valérie Cudel
Supporters - Chandolas
2010, commande suspendue

Maisonneuve, in the Chandolas commune, is a town lying at the end of gorges in the calcareous mountains, towards the limestone piedmont of the Monts d'Arcèche. It is a village with one street running through it, a main north-south road, the Départementale 104. The commune wanted to involve an artist in reflection on the idea of requalifying spaces that are now strongly impacted by the flow of traffic. The artist wanted to restore a more human dimension to Maisonneuve. To "break" the impression of a fortified street, it put the village on "a carpet" that would signify an interruption for motorists and pace the crossing by means of various motifs of varying densities. Finally, it opened clear zones for pedestrians by creating a central square in the middle of the main road, thus connecting the two parts of the village divided by the road.