Les Nouveaux commanditaires

Nya Uppdragsgivare
Nuovi Committenti
Nuevos Comanditarios
Taiteen Uudet Tukijat
De Nieuwe Opdrachtgevers
New Patrons
Die Neue Auftraggeber
Komanditario berriak

Nick Ervinck

Patrons - Jeugdfanfare de Muziekmak(k)ers
Mediator - Christophe De Jaeger, the New patrons of Belgium
Supporters - European Techno Steel nv, Investpro nv, Pas nv, Hoebeek nv & IBO nv
Mechelsesteenweg 102, Willebroek, Belgium, 2019

The patrons

The Muziekmak(k)ers is a youth fanfare. Their work is supported by the Academy for Music and Word of Willebroek. The activities are not limited to the weekly rehearsals. In addition to the open-air concerts, there are also joint dinners, sports, excursions...

When they joined the WILLEBROE! project, the Muziekmak(k)ers also committed themselves to creating a work of art together with the municipality and other actors in a place where they can make music in the open air without many organisational problems.

To choose a 'place', the Muziekmak(k)ers start from the Muziekmak(k)erskoraal (Guy Gordts) as a mental place.

The Muziekmak(k)ers dream of a greater connection between the various fanfares, for example by being able to make music together in the open air.

The commission

Thérèse Legierse and Christophe De Jaeger act as mediators.

During the first conversations, some of the wishes of the patrons are discussed: 
- The relationship between music and contemporary art is a necessity.
- the work of art must be cheerful and harmonious
- the work of art makes the Muziekma(k)kers better known and attracts young people
- new technologies are interesting to incorporate.

The context

During the following meetings Christophe will lead the group through the world of contemporary art. He chooses examples of works of art and artists who in one way or another integrate music, sound and/or rhythm. It provides surprising possibilities.

Two artists will be introduced to the Muziekmak(k)ers. After a personal meeting with both artists, the choice falls on Nick Ervinck.

The artist

Nick Ervinck's creations combine all the ingredients that their work of art should contain: colour, fantasy, mobility, virtuality and reality. Nick Ervinck is a young and promising artist. He explores the boundaries of different media. In this way he tries to find interactions between virtual constructions and handmade sculptures. He uses prints, video and digital drawings that often lead to the creation of shapes in coloured plaster, polyester or wood. In his digital prints and animations he creates a surrealistic virtual space and plays with volumes, proportions and colours.

After visiting Nick Ervinck's studio, the Muziekmak(k)ers played a concert under the walnut tree in the garden. This setting becomes the seed of an artistic idea and results in the 'tree concept'.

The artwork

After presenting various designs and ideas to the patrons, Nick presented his REKAMKEIZUM (turn the letters a little...) at the end of October 2010: a unique music pavilion. The Muziekmak(k)ers are very enthusiastic. At the end of November, the College of Mayor and Aldermen also approved the preliminary design. The approval has now been given for a further elaboration of the art project.

Musicians, the public and artist Nick Ervinck have chosen the large lawn behind Bel-Air Castle as their location. The domain has beautiful large and old trees and various open spaces. It meets all Muziekmak(k)er requirements: making music together with a large group of people, young and old, in the open air.

The first pile will be driven into the ground on 17 September 2011. As a taster a concert played by the Fanfare De Vrienden van 't Recht and by the Muziekmak(k)ers at the place where the REKAMKEIZUM will be installed.

In order to secure the financing of this project, the support of companies that made the realisation of the REKAMKEIZUM possible through financial or material sponsorship was called upon. The municipality also made an extra financial effort.

Companies: Barrisol (world leader in tensioning ceilings), European Techno Steel, Investpro and Ibo (active in the construction and real estate sector).