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La chambre des poupées
Cécile Maulini

Patrons - Friends of the Maison des Enfants de l’Assistance Publique et des Nourrices du Morvan, members of the Communauté de communes des Grands Lacs du Morvan et du Parc naturel régional du Morvan
Mediator - Xavier Douroux, Le Consortium
Maison des Enfants de l’Assistance Publique et des Nourrices du Morvan, Aligny-en-Morvan, Bourgogne, France, en cours

The context

The association of the Friends of the Maison des Enfants de l'Assistance Publique et des Nourrices du Morvan, members of the Community of Municipalities of the Great Lakes of Morvan and the Morvan Regional Nature Park have initiated the project of a House dedicated to the care of the children of the Assistance Publique in Morvan and to the theme of Morvan nannies who breastfed children from bourgeois and aristocratic families from Paris to the Second Kingdom. In this context, they wanted to commission three works for three guest rooms associated with la Maison, in order to live a unique sensory and emotional experience. Each room is an independent building in the garden of la Maison and has been entrusted to a specific artist : Marc-Camille Chaimowicz, Cécile Maulini and Nadia Wallis.

The commission

Cécile Maulini's work is based on two objects : on the one hand, a painting showing a formal "mise en abîme" of a child's doll and, on the other hand, a ceiling relief that several times resembles a moulding typical of Parisian bourgeois apartments.

Cécile Maulini

Cécile Maulini is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure d'art de Dijon where she participates in the life of an extremely active artistic scene (Bertrand Lavier, Yan Pei Ming, Gloria Friedmann, Cécile Bart, Loïc Raguénes, Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille, Didier Marcel...) Remarkable for her paintings evoking flowers or knights, or her extremely mastered collages that can remind us of Richard Hamilton, she is a particularly original artist whose sensitivity is on the verge of finding the best reception from artistic programming authorities and the non-specialist public.