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De la Piazza San Marco, détail
Bertrand Lavier

Discussion entre le commanditaire, le médiateur et l'artiste (5'05'')
Patrons - Association Arcade
Supporters - Fondation de France and Contest of the Art and Society department by the Consortium
Castle courtyard of Sainte-Colombe-en-Auxois, 2012 - (in progress)

The commission

Bertrand Lavier was approached to create a creation that would give back a pictorial meaning to this terrace. The discussion between the artist and the patrons reinforces the choice of location : the patrons then express their desire to integrate their intellectual work into an extended network, i.e. beyond the actors in the field of knowledge and transmission of new uses of materials and design concepts with whom they are used to cooperating.

Bertrand Lavier puts forward the idea of a "floor painting" using an abstract geometric composition. He proposes the exact transposition of a framed portion of the current pavement of Piazza San Marco in Venice : paved for the first time in 1267, it was until then a disorganized wasteland.
The patrons are sensitive to the choice of a Venetian element : they see in the reference to the city of the Doges as the gateway to the East, a symbol of their concern for exchanges. As for the use of Burgundy stone, it is part of their policy to promote it in design practices.