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La vie en chemin
Claude Lévêque

Patrons - Association R32, Réseau Paul Bert
Mediator - Pierre Marsaa
Supporters - Fondation de France, De l’Anah, CAF, Conseil Général Gironde, CUB, Direction équipement Gironde, Délégation Interministérielle à la Ville, Fondation Abbé Pierre, Fondation Caisse d’Epargne
Europe : Programme Feder, Fondation du Grand Orient de France, Fondation Mac Donald, Fondation Vinci, In Cité, Préfecture 33, Sud-Ouest Solidarité, Ville de Bordeaux
Partners for the artistic order : Fondation de France, Conseil Régional d’Aquitaine, réseau Paul Bert
2 Rue Paul Bert, Bordeaux, France, 2007

R32 is an association in the center of Bordeaux designed to help people excluded from accompanying measures of socio-vocational, psychological, health check, etc.. Having moved to new premises, the team would develop the game host / bar with a hammam and equipment related to health and hygiene of the body to show that the treatment areas receiving a particular audience, a population vulnerable should not be limited to functional, to the utility.

The team would like an artistic intervention that unfolds in the building, bar, reception, steam room and showers. The work unfolds on all sides open to public: the basement and ground floor and in the levels of floors and common areas of housing, the most important being an intervention in the light and coatings as well as the furniture of the bar and the sign outside. Sponsors want to keep track of construction and production of the work of Claude Leveque in the form of a film that would be useful for communicating about the project, the capture operation performed by Florence Lazar.

Claude Lévêque

Claude Lévêque is a French artist born in 1953 in Nevers. He lives and works in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis). Claude Leveque said to have a traditional approach to art, he sees as a reflection of society. The themes and materials that are more contemporary works they are. His view on the world around him, unjust, violent, influenced by the media, is not really positive. However, Claude Lévêque not trying to deny it, or rather to embellish the reality that it makes it the witness and requires the viewer, who is also an actor. Claude Lévêque rejects the uncritical acceptance of the established order. His work, original and ingenious, is based on the use of image, sound and light. It was first exhibited in France in 1984, then conquered Europe, America and Asia, and regularly participates in biennial of contemporary art. His works, real voyage of discovery, offering the public to discover the real subjective and an angle nouveau.Claude Leveque is now represented in France by the gallery Kamel Mennour. "I think that contemporary art can lead to a different space of rediscovery of things, independent of the obligations of consumer-driven media demeaning, corrupt politicians and merchants of games, from houses or cars."