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Fusing Naumburg’s Core in the Architektur- und Umwelthaus (AUH)
Henrik Schrat

Patrons - Naumburger Bürgerverein, Bärbel Cronau-Kretzschmar (Architektin)
Mediator - Frank Motz
Supporters - Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education), Fondation de France, Neue Auftraggeber e.V. Berlin, Arbeitskreis Architekten und Ingenieure im Naumburger Bürgerverein e.V., der Umweltladen e.V., Lebenshilfe e.V., City of Naumburg
Naumburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, 2011 -

The Naumburger Bürgerverein e.V., an association of citizens of Naumburg, advises the city on major development questions as well as minor issues. Its mission is to launch various actions and projects to foster and diversify civic engagement in Naumburg and to educate people from all walks of life about architectural culture and environmental issues, among other fields. The architects and engineers working at the Architektur- und Umwelthaus (House of Architecture and Environment) want to rebuild identification among young people with "their city" and believe that broad-based familiarity with building culture is a crucial prerequisite for stronger civic involvement and aesthetic quality in the process of urban redevelopment. The Architektur- und Umwelthaus is meant to become a social hub and non-formal education center.

A process of communication and idea generation between the various involved parties, which was designed to culminate in the integrative creation of a work of art, was initiated in April 2011. A wide range of different interests needed to be considered and were successfully incorporated in a final draft by the artist. The comprehensive conception was presented in November 2012. We are currently organizing the funding and will then implement these plans for the building's façade and interior.

We want a project that engenders new identity and links the local history of Naumburg to the themes and goals of the Architektur- und Umwelthaus: architecture, ecology, and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Henrik Schrat

Inspired by comic books, fairy tales or science fiction films the artist Henrik Schrat, who was born in 1968 in Greiz, Thuringia, and trained in London, developed narrative strategies to investigate economic and social conditions.