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Untitled (Westkapelle)
Dirk Zoete

Patrons - Inhabitants of Westkapelle
Mediator - Joost Declercq, the New patrons of Belgium
Supporters - City of Knokke-Heist
Dudzelestraat 2, Westkapelle, Knokke-Heist, Belgium, 2011

The inhabitants of Westkappele chose Dirk Zoete from a wide array of contemporary artists to create a monumental work of art for their village. The artwork consists of a round tower of 10 m high and with a diameter of 6 m on the triangle square that you pass when entering the village at the Dudzelestreet and Oostkerkestreet. The artwork in Westkapelle is the first project that the city council realises in collaboration with the Nieuwe Opdrachtgevers. The tower functions as a monumental gesture in a flat surrounding and as an exhibition pavilion from where you can see a panoramic landscape. The work is made out of pieces of tubes in ceramics (clay pipes with a glazed layer) that are normally used as sewer and drain. These round shaped, red- orange shiny pieces of tube with a length of 25 cm are piled up. Sequently, lights will be installed that will shine through the holes, so at night the artwork will serve as a giant pierced light beacon.

Dirk Zoete

Dirk Zoete (Roeselaere, 1969) lives and works in Ghent. He studied Graphic Arts and Mixed Media at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts from Ghent. He exhibited all over Belgium in solo and group exhibitions. He works with different materials and disciplines, but the starting point is always drawing. When drawing, architectural models, installations, sculptures and architectural constructions originate. His inspiration is varied: certain materials, buildings, a feeling, things people say, a feeling of missing something, ... He can't name his inspiration and considers this as best fitted to make his art.