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La maison de la mémoire
Eulàlia Valldosera

Patrons - Members of the Administrative Council of the Friends of the house for the memory of Royans ; Alain Derbier, Mireille Gepponi, Catherine Flament, Jeanne Charve, Josette Derbier
Mediator - Valérie Cudel, association A demeure
Supporters - Fondation de France
Rochechinard, Drôme, France, 2015

The context

From 1972 to 1991 the whole village of Rochechinard performed a sound and light show at the bottom of its castle. It is in this context that the Rochechinard Museum was created as a logical follow-up to the enthusiasm of the population and its attachment to its history. Its founders are part of the latest generation "to honour their grandparents". Called Maison de la mémoire, Musée du Royans, its collection is made up of what the inhabitants have given it : for 30 years, people have been putting on the steps what they think is worth preserving. However, the Rochechinard Museum is going through a difficult time like most eco-museums. The museography may appear outdated, outdated and the team notes a decrease in attendance. Due to the new generations of visitors who would no longer have a real link with the rural world? Do the objects presented no longer awaken memories related to their childhood?

An artist's reading of this "situation" and the work that can result from it must be experienced as a whole : the passage from the great to the small story, the legendary dimension and the inscription of this legend in time and space.

The commission

The museum addressed the artist Eulàlia Valldosera, in order to address the question of transmission, in particular the loss of orality (orality was the central point of the museum's initial project) and to establish a dual spatial and temporal relationship, i. e. to connect interior and exterior, past and present.