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Helsinki Business Campus
Martha Rosler

Patrons - Senior lecturers, an administrator and students of the Helsinki Business Campus (HBC)
Mediator - Mari Linnman
Supporters - Fondation de France (mediation and concept), Helsinki Business Campus, The City of Helsinki and private sponsors
Helsinki, Finland, en cours (phase d’étude)

The context

The Helsinki Business Campus (HBC) is a university of higher business studies representing the best business & management training in Finland. The commission from the group of patrons concerns the identification of the campus, both in terms of the values transmitted and in its registration in the city.

The commission

The artist, Martha Rosler, presents an animated film whose scenario is inspired by an emblematic sculpture of the campus. The sculpture depicts two birds in flight, one of which carries a freshly caught fish in its beak. The other bird is represented in such a way as to attack the first in order to steal its prey. The title of the sculpture is "the winning move". The artist's project is to represent the three protagonists of this ensemble by redistributing the roles. The work will be displayed on the many LED screens in the campus' passageways. She will be an ambassador for certain ethical values to which the school has subscribed.

Martha Rosler's study concerns a park located in the centre of the city and in the centre of the campus : Sammon Park. Set up at least ten years ago, it proposes to integrate a place for the distribution of artists' films as well as a stage for performances. She is working with landscape gardener Kate Orff on the idea of integrating these structures into a new park concept, in reference to the radical nature of the stone church nearby.

Martha Rosler

Martha Rosler was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1943. She is a committed artist, her work reflects the evolution of contemporary society from the early seventies to the present day. The relevance of her work, based on politics, criticism or the status of women, makes her a very renowned artist in the United States. She is one of the first artists who tried to place men and women on the same level in the art world.