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Espérance et Allen
Marie Angeletti

Patrons - Personel of the Lycée agricole du Bourbonnais
Mediator - Xavier Douroux, Le Consortium
Lycée agricole du Bourbonnais, Neuvy, Auvergne, France, 2015 - in progresse

The context

The Lycée agricole du Bourbonnais wants to celebrate its forty-fifth anniversary by commissioning a work of art. It is also an opportunity to recall the importance of agricultural education in terms of cultural transmission since the 1960 Agricultural Development Act and, above all, the creation in 1966 of a body of teachers responsible for socio-cultural education which will focus its action on the development of individuals and the awareness of their responsibility as farmers in preserving and enriching a culture: "Secular public education must promote each individual by meeting the expectations of society and the territory". - "The primary mission of the school is to enable students, particularly those from modest or disadvantaged backgrounds, to achieve their full potential by ensuring equal access to training."

The commission

These declarations of intent must continue to shape the collective life of the school : for this purpose, two general terminologies and a local historical resonance have been highlighted by the sponsors and must be taken into account by the artist.
- hope (in the sense of Péguy, often cited by sponsors) : at school all possibilities are open and training allows the expression of each individual's abilities.
- "all together": education prepares students for "living together" and training is a collective work (we speak of an educational community for high school staff) and emulation must not exclude solidarity and mutual aid.
- Espérance et Allen (from the English "All" - which will give the name of the Allier River) is the motto of the "gold shield" created by Louis II of Bourbon (the "Good Duke") who was imprisoned as a hostage for six years in England and returned in 1366 to rebuild his duchy.

The challenge for the mediator : The commission is strongly located (agricultural education and territorial anchoring) and the place (including a farm with a large educational sheepfold) is very present, including in its landscape dimension.

Marie Angeletti

Born in 1984, living in London, Brussels, Paris or Berlin, Marie Angeletti mainly uses video and photography, often transforming the places where she is called upon to work into a theatre for filming and exhibition purposes by involving those who usually frequent them.